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What better way to terrify your loved ones while they're trapped in their homes during a pandemic than with a one-of-a-kind, hand-written snail mail haunting?

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How It Works


Ghosts eat money, it is their fuel. To summon one, you'll need to sacrifice $5 (including postage).


The ghost will write a weird, terrifying, hand-written letter and mail it to the person of your choice.


Your loved one will forever wonder who the hell sent them this weird letter, unless you cave and tell them it was you.

Rarely Asked Questions

Every letter is specific and spooky, but in a way that doesn't use personal details or references. The ghosts want people to feel scared, but like..."haunted house scared," not "unsafe in your home scared." The two bits of "customization" we can accommodate are whether or not there any ghost names we should avoid (to make sure we don't accidentally hit too close to home) and a desired spookiness level, which is basically your way to tell us if you want something super family friendly, or more goofy than scary. Both fields are optional during checkout.
Nope. The letter is not marked with your info, or our info for that matter (except for a postmark).
Letters are postmarked from Chicago, because that's where we're summoning the ghosts from. We summon ghosts remotely, transcribe their words, and then send them out. It's a perfectly logical in-universe explanation for why they're postmarked like that, right?
Letters are usually sent 3-4 business days after you summon the ghost, plus however long the mail takes. The USPS is even more uncontrollable and unpredictable than a ghost right now.
Every ghost is a little different...many ghosts mention things like being trapped in the walls, trying to communicate with the recipient, or standing in the shadowy corners of their rooms while they sleep. Sometimes they mention how they died, sometimes they politely state that they wish people would pay more attention to them.
Yes, you will receive an email confirmation after you place your order, and another confirmation with a photo of the letter once it is sent. What you do with that information after you receive it is entirely up to you.

Ready to Scare?

Nobody can stop you from piercing the dark veil that separates us from the spirit world. If you wish to unleash the unstoppable terror of a ghost upon your community, we're ready to help!

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